Victory for Lady Mavs Golf

Ian Milionis, Sports

 The Lady Mavs golf team had an achieving victory in winning upper state. Through all the hard work of practicing with each other, playing 9 or going to the driving range independently, they have made it. The course they played at was Waterford. The odds were not in their favor however, there was a thick fog covering the whole course so this would make it a tricky tournament. Although, at least everyone had perfect tee-shots and played a fantastic game. But there was one hole (hole ten) that stood out above all the rest. The problem with this hole was that if they hit too far to the left they were in a thick mess with water blocking the next shot. If they were to hit too far right then they would be in the other fairway. The hole kind of looked like an upside down L, but the golf team made it through and all played the hole perfectly. In an interview with Kendall Yap, the coach of the girl’s golf team, The Maverick Round-up asked her: how do you get your girls ready for these tournaments? She replied with “We have a good amount of things that we do at practice like practicing your short game (chipping, getting out of bunkers, etc.) putting and making sure the alignements are all good and knowing how to read the green, we also like to play situational golf. What it essentially means is I put the girls in a bad spot on the course and they have to try to get out of that bad spot”. These girls have worked very hard for where they are at and it all paid off. In another interview with Bella Andrews, a member of the girl’s golf team, we asked her: How did you prepare for state mentally/physically? “I’d say physically: eating well, working out outside of golf, and then mentally I stay positive throughout practice and throughout tournaments”. Continuing to state they went off to play at Mid-Carolina Country Club. But through it all, they came in 17th. Overall the Lady Mavs golf team has had an impressive season and are excited to improve for next year!