Quarantine Do’s and Don’ts

Now that we’re on who even knows what day of quarantine, we’ve all developed different routines and habits. Some of us may be sleeping for the first time since the school year started, others going insane due to boredom, and a small percentage may actually be doing the e-learning work in a productive manner. Regardless of how one chooses to use their time during this “Coronacation,” we decided to make a quick list of quarantine do’s and don’ts.


Layla’s Recommended Do’s: Gabby’s Recommended Don’ts:
DO wash your hands! You have no idea what gross things you have touched (aka your phone). DON’T chop your hair because you a) got bored or b) had a mental breakdown… couldn’t have been me on quarantine day one…
DO get outside! Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to stay in your house. Just don’t go shaking hands with your neighbor.  DON’T terrorize your siblings with their worst fears when they annoy you (however tempting it may be)… oops.
DO talk to your friends and family over Facetime or video calls. It’s a perfect time to get caught up with someone you haven’t talked to! DON’T go into hibernation and sleep all day (doesn’t work out so great for your grades).
DO your e-learning work in the morning. It doesn’t have to be at seven am, just…not at one am after playing Fortnite all day.  DON’T buy all the toilet paper in stores. COVID-19 is not synonymous with diarrhea.
DO find a new hobby! Maybe you’re really good at knitting.  DON’T become a TikTok dancer. Please. Just don’t.
DO take care of yourself. This means SHOWERING! Please change out of the sweatpants you’ve had on for three days.  DON’T tempt your parents to strangle you at a time when most potential witnesses are practicing social distancing.
DO relax! Yes, there is still work to be done, but at the end of the day, there is so much less to worry about. We are being forced to slow down. Enjoy it! DON’T eat all the snacks that are supposed to last you the next two weeks. C’mon guys, gaining 20 pounds during “Coronacation” is not the move.
DO stick to a routine that works for you. If you’re anything like me and get off track easily, this will help! DON’T bark back at the annoying dogs in your neighborhood when they wake you up early. This is a sign of insanity.
DO get active whether it be a hardcore workout, three mile run, or simply just a walk outside. Physical activity is proven to be able to boost your mood!  DON’T fight old people for groceries. If you do, please take a Razor scooter to the ankle 🙂
DON’T be a nuisance and “rebel” during this time. This will encourage people to continue social distancing from you after quarantine.