Karleigh Maguire

The Maverick Navy is constantly making an effort to keep morale high, since we can’t participate in our normal activities.  For example, our Drill Team practices early mornings at 6:30, we make sure to social distance, and wear masks throughout the practice.  Our Rifle team also practices early mornings and late into the afternoons, also following COVID-19 guidelines.  The same goes for our Physical Training and Academic and Orienteering teams.  All of our teams have opportunities to compete in postals, which is basically sending in our scores to a school hosting the postals.  So far this year we have competed in postals with our Academic, Physical Training, and Rifle teams.  Our Physical Training team even hosted an early morning one and a half mile run on October 13, the Navy’s birthday.  We also watched our color guards present the national colors on our football field and basketball court.  Many cadets in the unit have lent a helping hand to our community; our unit has a total of 552 community service hours.  We have also paired with the Goodwill Good Fellows as a way for our upperclassmen to mentor our younger cadets.  Although this year has, without a doubt, been different than any other, the Mauldin High School Maverick Navy is still making its way towards Distinguished Unit.