Operation Christmas Child: Spreading Joy to the Less Fortunate


Kelly Keeler

Mrs. Keeler's Service Learning Class

Kiara Cody, Feature Writer

Christmas is a big holiday in America, mainly due to the strong Christian beliefs across the country. While we see it as a time of giving and receiving, there are people around the world who have little to no knowledge on the concept of giving or receiving anything or who have no knowledge on religion. World History and Service Learning Teacher, Kelly Keeler, has a class of students who wanted to give a few kids around the world a chance to experience Christmas and the tradition of giving to those in need.

Mauldin High School Junior, Rachel Hudson, gave the Service Learning class the idea of Operation Christmas Child because her church does it every year around Christmas time. Operation Christmas Child was designed to give less fortunate children around the world, from the ages of three to thirteen, a shoe box filled with items ranging from toys and school supplies to hygiene products. Not only are they spreading the idea of Christmas and Jesus, they are providing less fortunate children with the opportunity of experiencing something that some people take for granted.

The Service Learning class agreed that they wanted to do something positive for the Christmas season and Operation Christmas Child was a perfect occasion for the teenagers to give to the less fortunate.