Everything You Need to Know About Spirit Week

Layla Eckhardt and Katherine Reid

Spirit Week is quickly approaching at Mauldin High School. This is a guide to everything you need to participate in one of Mauldin’s greatest traditions!
What is Spirit Week?

Spirit Week is a week long Mauldin High tradition. The school partners with a charity to raise money for their cause. Last year, Mauldin raised around $88,000 for “Let There Be Mom.” This year, Mauldin has chosen “A Child’s Haven.” “A Child’s Haven” is a non-profit organization that treats children with developmental delays as a result of limited resources, abuse or neglect. “A Child’s Haven” provides support and education for both the child and their families.

In the past, High School Spirit Week has also been a competition against our rival school, Hillcrest High School. Since ours will be held in January of 2019 instead of at the same time as Hillcrest, we can’t compete, but we can still give and support charities.


When is Spirit Week?

Spirit Week will be taking place January 11th-18th. Events will be happening during the school day, after school, and in the evenings.


How can I participate?

The best way to participate is to attend all the events and donate money! Since the basis of Spirit Week is a fundraiser, the best thing to do is donate. Throughout Mauldin Spirit Week, the school provides many ways to get students involved. All of the loose change in your wallet or couch can go towards fun activities around the school.  For example, you can “jail” another student during lunch for any amount of money, the catch is that the jail-ee must pay double the amount of money that was used to jail them. This was a very popular event during lunch last year at Spirit Week 2017. You can also purchase a wristband for $50 (as of 2017) that allows you to attend every available buy-out without having to pay for it at the door. The wristbands may be expensive, but if you plan to participate in Spirit week, it makes it much easier than digging out various dollar bills and paying your teacher, then running down the hallway, hoping to make it to the event in time.


What events are happening at Mauldin?

There are more events in place than can be listed here (see the Spirit Week Calendar for full details), but a few events occurring are a Powderpuff football game (football game for girls), a basketball tournament, a date auction, a mom’s morning out, mother-daughter paint night, skate night, a dog show, and more fun activities! There will be pep rallies, which tend to be the students’ favorite activities. Each day there will also be a different dress up theme. Monday is “Greece vs. Greasers,” Tuesday is a class theme day, Wednesday is neon, Thursday is “Wild, Wild West,” and Friday is “Spirit Week T-Shirt” day. All of these themes fall into many long standing traditions done every year.


Students are looking forward to more hearing about more events to come, and are already prepping for Spirit Week 2019.