Your Mauldin High School 2019 Homecoming Court

Below you can read all about the girls involved in this year’s Homecoming Court. We took some time to ask them a couple questions about their hobbies and interests.


Chandler Lowe- 9th ⇑

Chandler likes to paint. She has 27 pairs of converse.

Mariana Ortiz- 9th ⇑

Mariana likes to play soccer and has two cultures: she is Colombian and Mexican. 

Abigail Robinson- 9th

Abigail did color guard for 2 years, and then quit to focus on being a freshman. She excelled in color guard and enjoys gymnastics.

Bethany Cotton-10th ⇑

Bethany loves shopping and hanging out with family and friends. She is a really good singer.

Dasia Smith- 10th ⇾ 

Dasia makes clothes and has been sewing since the  4th grade. She has her own business! @dmgdesignzit


Mallory Helton-10th ⇑

Mallory likes shopping and is very outgoing and kind.                   


Audrey McGaha- 11th ⇑

Audrey loves hanging out with friends and is double jointed in both of her arms. 

Sophia Melono- 11th ⇑

Sophia likes to hang out with friends, and is very cool to talk to!                               

Caroline Sims- 11th ⇾

Caroline plays lacrosse and is VP on student council. She likes hanging out with her friends and boyfriend. Something unique about her is she is adopted. 


Libby Butler – 12th ⇾

Libby likes debating political topics. One interesting thing about Libby is she 12 pairs of crocs.

Jaelyn Edley – 12th 

Jaelyn likes to do photoshoots in her spare time. She enjoys making people smile.

D’Auviyon Johnson- 12th ⇑

D’Auviyon travels out of the country a lot. Her hair turns red in the summer.


Tyanna Leahey – 12th ⇑

Tyanna likes to play tennis and says she is very free-spirited                                                                                                              

Mariah Leake- 12th ⇑

Mariah likes to play basketball, run track, sing songs and dance. She was a premie as a baby, almost a month early.                                                        

Laura Montano-12th 

Laura likes photography and enjoys taking pictures. She didn’t learn English until she started going to elementary school, and had to pick it up from watching tv shows and listening to other students.


Jenna Moore – 12th

Jenna likes to play volleyball. When she was little, she slammed her finger in a car door and had to have it glued back on. 


Zakeriyya Newman – 12th

Zakeriyya likes to work, especially with food. She loves to laugh and smile.

Kaustubha Reddy – 12th ⇑

Kaustubha (left) enjoys spending time with her friends and family and watching Grey’s Anatomy. She was born in India.


Haylee Sanders – 12th ⇾

Haylee likes to eat food when she has free time. She has three beauty marks.

Margaret Shepard -12th 

Margaret is a part of Student Council and she likes to play lacrosse. She has has a fish named swim shady and three cats.