Wrap-Up to HOCO

Wrap-Up to HOCO


The Pep Rally

All excited, the students gathered in the gym for a pep rally to get hyped up for the Homecoming game against Boiling Springs. The theme was going to be checkerboard with the Freshmen and Seniors donning white while the Juniors and Sophomores wore orange. However, Seniors decided to switch things up and go with a blackout instead of white. The battle for the spirit stick was intense. Barbie T. and Dex from Hot 98.1 came to help to decide who gets the spirit stick. Freshmen gave it their all believing that they would win. They didn’t. Sophomores gave a good effort, but they didn’t win either. For the second time, it came down to the Juniors and Seniors. Last pep rally the Seniors won. Both of them were so loud everyone’s ears were bleeding. After screaming back and forth, the Juniors ended up taking the win. 


The Game 

The game created even more unity throughout the student section. Students dressed in semi-formal attire for the theme. Even when the audio failed to work, the student body took up the challenge and sang a heartfelt version of our National Anthem. During half time, the homecoming court was reannounced from the pep rally and they crowned our homecoming queen. Libby Butler was second runner-up, Kaustubha Reddy was first runner-up, and Zakeriyya (ZeZe) Newman was crowned the 2019-2020 homecoming queen. In the end, Mauldin triumphed against Boiling Springs 42 to 21.


The Dance

Despite the cloudy, rainy weather on Saturday, October 5, vibes were good and the music was loud at this years’ Homecoming. There was a great turnout, with over 750 tickets being sold. The atrium was beautifully decorated to the theme “Under the Stars.” There were tables set up for people to sit and socialize or to keep their stuff while dancing. The crowd stayed vibrant and energetic all three hours of the dance. Isaiah Custodio was crowned Homecoming King towards the middle of the dance. Overall, the dance was a great way for students to come together and have a good time.