Setting Their Way Into Playoffs


Megan Van Kirk

Sophomore Center Brenna Williams serves the ball during a Maverick volleyball game.

Kimberly Rauscher and Megan Van Kirk

Megan Van Kirk

Volleyball closed the 2019-2020 season with a bang. Both the Varsity and Junior Varsity (JV) teams won their final game against Hillcrest on Thurs, Oct. 16th. Varsity swept the Hillcrest Rams with three sets to none while the JV team won with a score of two sets to one. 

In order to reach this level of success, the volleyball team had to be very thorough about their training and practices. Throughout each week they would assess what was to come later in the week and they would base their training around that. Our girls’ hard work from practice shows throughout their games with how they take control of the floor and show their confidence. They work together in perfect harmony, passing the ball to the perfect spot for another teammate to spike the ball over the net. We hope to see this effort throughout their playoffs. When asking about practices, sophomore JV Outside Hitter Hannah Brooks stated, “You always practice how you play…if you practice your best it’ll become permanent.” All the girls put forth all their effort into every single play, regardless of if the result is good or bad. 

Communication throughout the games and through practices is just as vital as anything else, and it’s a key when it comes to their success. Every play they make sure to communicate as a team and continuously support one another. According to Coach Val Thoms, “We talk a lot about things that were good at and making sure we’re confident in those things. We also try to simulate what we think we’re going to see from the other teams and really we just try to build confidence in the girls.” This hard work is reflected from their practices. The girls have built a trusting system with each other and try to stay connected outside of the games. For example, junior Miller Reams from the Varsity team spoke about how before some games, the girls all go out to eat together. Without the trust, communication, and support they receive from each other, their team wouldn’t have been nearly as successful. 

Overall the girls’ volleyball program has surmounted this year’s competition. Their season was focused on their mindset and each day opens new opportunities for the team and our girls strategize the perfect way to effectively make a difference. 

Tonight the Lady Maverick’s volleyball team plays Nation Ford in round three of the playoffs. The game is at home at six pm. Come out and support the team!