The Maverick Round-up

The Round-Up Revival

By Layla Eckhardt and Katherine Reid

Welcome to The Maverick Round-Up! The Mauldin High School journalism class is very excited to present Mauldin’s second newspaper. You may be thinking, “wait, Mauldin had a newspaper?” In fact, we did. This newspaper was called The Round-Up and only two volumes can be found in the school library. Volume Three is dated from 1986-87, and Volume Six is dated from 1989-90. We sat down in an interview to talk to Dr. Charles Welch, one of Mauldin’s old principals while The Round Up was being published. Dr. Welch was principal at Mauldin from 1987-93. We found out there were many more issues of the newspaper and had the opportunity to look at years of Mauldin High School’s history.

Dr. Welch gave us a wonderful insight into the past of Mauldin High. He says he was there while the newspaper was already started. He left his principal position before the newspaper ended, so he is not sure why or when it ended. Although he did not know the exact date the newspaper started, we were able to figure out it was started around the mid 1980s, and ended around the mid 1990s. We also have figured out that through the years before the 80s, the newspaper was an off and on thing. The newspaper came back for an unknown amount of years in the late 2000s, the last issue known to be 2011. It never took off due to fluctuating support from staff, and lack of involvement, interest, and commitment from students. “Back in these days, we didn’t have social media, or cell phones to keep us updated on school news. We relied on the school newspaper, which is why it was so big at the school. Students enjoyed reading it,” said Welch.

The Maverick Round-Up is putting a modern twist on traditional school newspapers. We will be publishing everything online. That way readers will to be able to easily access all the information they need about the school. We are very excited about this opportunity to start something new while bringing back an old tradition. We hope you enjoy the first of many more issues of The Maverick Round-Up.

Meet our Staff:

The Maverick Round-Up consists of 20 members, all from varying grades, and all with very different stories! Starting from just a normal journalism elective, we have built our way up to publishing this newspaper and reviving an old Mauldin High School tradition. Abbey Wood is our wonderful teacher full of never ending support to get our newspaper started.


Credit: George Session and Jisun Robinson
The Mauldin Round-Up 2018-2019 Staff

Pictured Left to Right: Top Row; Abbey Wood, Gabrielle Redfield, Calaya Baker, Haley Bowick, Audrey Savage, Saressa Hawkins. Middle Row; Kairi Lowery, Kiara Cody, Layla Eckhardt, Gabby Brinez-Pardo, Bailey Reeves, Katherine Reid. Bottom Row: Ryan Hammond, Destiny Lopez, Manny Forde, Matthew Bridges, Kimberly Rauscher, Ash Siegel.
Not Pictured: Alyssa Kar, Jacquelyn Quintero, Maliah Fisher.


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