The Maverick Round-up

2019-2020 Staff

Ian Milionis

Feature Writer

Hello! My name is Ian Millionis and I am a junior here. I'm on track and I'm on the pole vaulting team. I like socializing, being outdoors, and I love music a little bit too much (especially the oldies). And yes ladies, I am single,...

Calaya Baker

Feature Writer

I'm Calaya and I'm a sophomore this year. I play viola, listen to K-Pop, and am a Bob's Burgers fanatic.

Ryan Hammond

Sports Writer

I'm a senior and I have a dream to go to USC to pursue sports broadcasting and analytics.

Gabby Brinez-Pardo

Fine Arts Writer

I'm Gabby and I'm both unfortunately and excitedly a junior. My hobbies include being a part of orchestra and eating lots of cheeseburgers. "I'm not great at the advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?" - Chandler Bing

Maxine Ostrander

Photographer, Feature Writer

I am a senior. I enjoy the arts and exploring new places. I do track and field and plan on going to The College of Charleston for my RN degree.

Emily Wilson

Photographer, Student News Writer

I am a junior. I play lacrosse, I am on Student Council, and I am in Young Life. My favorite thing to do is photography.  

Manny Forde

Entertainment Writer, Student Life Writer

I'm Manny and I'm a junior. I'm loud, love music, and am a food junkie.

Megan Van Kirk

Student News Writer

I'm Megan, a Clemson-bound senior. I'm extremely amicable and I enjoy studying psychology. I'm also a dog lover.

Kimmie Rauscher

Fine Arts Writer, Feature Writer

I'm a sophomore that enjoys playing for the Lady Mavs Basketball team and our school orchestra. I've also played for the Greenville County Youth Orchestra and currently the Carolina Youth Symphony. I live by "Keep calm and channel...

Layla Eckhardt

Photographer, Feature Writer

Hi! My name is Layla Eckhardt and I am a junior. I love talking to new people and making friends! I enjoy photography and swimming.  

Kat Reid

Student News Writer, Graphic Designer

I'm a junior putting the "hot" in psycHOTic "...and I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do." - Scott, from "The Office"

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