The Maverick Round-up

2018-2019 Staff

Haley Bowick

Haley is a junior. Her hobbies include volunteering for key club. She loves art.

Maliah Fisher

Maliah is a senior. Her hobbies include basketball, music, arts,  and photography.

Katherine Reid

Katherine is a sophomore. Her hobbies include soccer and she loves The Office quote, "Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope I find it along the way.” ...

Saressa Hawkins

Saressa is a junior. She loves cosmetology.

Ryan Hammond

Ryan is a junior. He loves sports and everything about them.

Matthew Bridges

Matthew is a junior. He likes climbing and The Office.

Manny Forde

Manny is a sophomore. He considers himself to be loud. He also loves music and is a food junkie. #alone  

Layla Eckhardt

Layla is a sophomore. Her hobbies include swimming and CAN club. She also recently moved here from Iowa.

Kimmie Rauscher

Kimmie is a freshman. Her hobbies include basketball team and violin. She has played violin at the Peace Center for 3 years.

Kiara Cody

Kiara is a junior. Her hobbies include Writers Society and Students in Action. She likes to listen to music, read, write, sleep, and eat....

Kairi Lowery

Kairi is a freshman. Her hobbies include photography and her favorite show is Vampire Diaries.

Jackie Quintero

Jackie is a junior. She love to sing and play piano and was born and raised in California.

Gabrielle Redfield

Gabby is a freshman. She likes sleeping.

Gabby Brinez- Pardo

Gabby is a sophomore. Her hobbies include orchestra and she likes the Chandler Bing quote, "I’m not great at the advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?"...

Destiny Lopez

Destiny is a freshman. She likes spicy food.

Calaya Baker

Calaya is a freshman. She plays viola, listens to K-Pop and is a Bob's Burgers fanatic.

Bailey Reeves

Bailey is a freshman. She is a coffee addict.

Audrey Savage

Audrey is a freshman. Her hobbies include cross country, tennis, and Youth In Government. She loves art.

Ash Siegel

Ash is a junior. She considers herself weird.

Alyssa Karr

Alyssa is a sophomore. She enjoys writing, riding horses, and doing makeup.

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